Some good reasons to park with us

Discount Park & Fly is a parking service that transport passengers to and from the airport. We have partnered with many locations to make it convenient for our customers. There are many reasons to park with Discount Park & Fly, here are a few:

Save Over 50%

Passengers can save over 50% by parking at one of our locations verses parking at the airport.

Parking Convenience

Looking for a parking space at the airport can be time consuming and frustrating. Simply park at one of our locations without the frustration.

Shuttle to the Airport

Sit-back and relax as you are chauffeured to the airport. You will not to drive, be hassled with other drivers or have to pay attention to traffic.

Easy Booking

Book your park and fly service from any online device at your convenience. You may also book your service at any location.

Discount Park & Fly

Parking at the airport is expensive and time consuming. There is a better way to get to the airport. Here are a few benefits to booking with Discount Park & Fly:

  • We are cheaper than parking at the airport.
  • Get drop off at the door verses having to find a parking space. 
  • Sit-back and relax as you are chauffeured to the airport.