This Privacy Policy covers the treatment of personal information (“Personal Information”) gathered by DISCOUNT PARK & FLY when you use or access the Service and Personal Information that our Parking Facility Operators share with us or that we share with them. 

We may request, collect Personal Information when using the Services such as: name, address, city, state, phone, email address and financial data to process your order request.

We do not collect financial information, such as your payment method (valid credit card number, type, expiration date or other financial information); that information is collected and stored by our third-party payment processing company (the “Payment Processor”), and use and storage of that information is governed by the Payment Processor’s applicable terms of service and privacy policy.

By using the Service, you are giving us permission to send you text messages and emails regarding the transactions you request. 

We reserve the right to revise this policy at any point in the future and such changes, to the extent permitted by law, will be retroactively applicable to data collected prior to any revision of this policy.